Gud Mission

The values that guide Gud

Gud is more than a company, it is a human and social movement that claims the right to show ourselves and relate to each other as who we really ARE, in integrity and coherence.


The world changes if you change

We believe in the potential of human beings and our ability to change the world, starting from our own transformation as individuals. We will only make the change outside when we make it inside ourselves and integrate it into our lives. We are confident that we will achieve this aim by basing ourselves on and respecting the basic and fundamental principles of respect, cooperation, listening and openness..


Our differences add up

Because we know that there is much more that joins us than what separates us; that together we are stronger that together we are stronger and we can do great things and our different ways of seeing the world enriches us and expands our vision.


Bringing theory into practice

We want to offer the necessary resources that human beings need to accompany them in the growth and integral development of all their dimensions (personal, cultural, social, spiritual...).
And, most of all, to create the space where these tools can be put into practice..


Common sense technology

We demand a more humane technology that respects and enriches the human being and does not turn him/her into a consumer product, a technology that does not encourage addiction and gives us the tools to develop a full and satisfactory personal and social life..

We believe that all these values emerge naturally and towards the same direction.The direction that has been there from the beginning and that leads us all to the same space, to the same place, the place where you can BE..  

This is GUD

The presence and warmth of a listening ear can change the world.