Gud Solutions

with the same essence and values

All Gud digital solutions will share the same principles and philosophyThey will be full of human warmth.


In all our solutions the priority is YOU

Simple and practical functionalities

We offer you quality solutions with simple and practical functionalities. that you can use on almost any type of device.

Encouraging human support

We put the emphasis on reaching everyone in an that is accessible and affordable so that anyone who wants and/or needs any of Gud's services, can have access to them.

No aggressive or intrusive advertising

Solutions and clear applications, clear, without aggressive advertising or intrusive banners. We want you to have an experience and welcoming experience, without noise or unwanted interruptions.

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Commitment and transparency in all our processes

In our developments we will not ask you for any banking information until the moment of subscriptionif that's what you decide.

At all times you will be informed of the next steps to be taken and you will decide, no pressure, no tricks.

Not everything is acceptable. In our apps we look for balanced, fair and sustainable formulas in which respect and care for the human being are our hallmarks.


Your privacy is our priority: You decide

Because in Gud we know about the importance of taking care of our personal space and we bet on the freedom to choose what we want to show, with whom and to what extent,we develop apps where you can manage this.

To this end, in Gud you will be able to cancel your account and we commit to remove any digital trace from your time in Gud in an easy and safe way.

We will we will take care of your personal data and we will not sell it. to third parties, nor will we bombard you with intrusive advertising or banners.

Gudchat our apps
Gudchat our apps


Our solutions adapt to you and grow with you

In Gud we are in continuous development to offer you the best.

To do this, we create new features based largely on your feedback and suggestions. Our mission is to accompany you and help you in your growth and development, and this can only be achieved hand in hand with you.

We want you to be part of our Gud team.



Security and privacy in your payments

Our solutions want to offer you all their features and benefits at affordable prices, to make them accessible to anyone who really needs them.

In addition, we offer the best and highest security in your banking transactions to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

We will never ask you for particularly sensitive dataIf you are asked for something like this on behalf of Gud, block it and close it immediately.

#Focus Global

The universality of our solutions

Gud is born with a global spirit who doesn't understand about borders, flags, cultures and/or religions. 

We know that what binds people is far more powerful and important than what differentiates or separates us, and we're determined to prove it. Let's build bridges to the different.Let's get to know it and let go of the fear that the unknown causes us.

Any doubts with our Gud platform?

We have a Support Center and a team nearby ready to help you.

Contact Support

Contact Support

Contact us

Let's start this conversation. Give us some information about you and we'll talk to you as soon as we can.

  • Friendly and caring attention

    We will respond as soon as possible with professionalism and love

  • Free support

    Completely free service

  • Fully online support

    Online assistance from our technicians

#Gud Match

If you still don't know Gud Match

Gud Match is a different and private social network. An application to meet new people to chat and share in a different way.

#Gud Match

Gud Match, a Human Network where YOU are the most important thing

Gud Match is a different and private social network, in which you will be able to meet new people to chat, share and grow. 


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Gud Match

The App to meet authentic people and BE yourself

Meet new people and enjoy chatting up to 20 minutes anonymously and randomly with someone who shares something you in a respectful and private way.

A space where you can talk and share without pretensions  or expectations.

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