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Dear inspirator we would love to count on your collaboration and that you give us your view on aspects related to the human being. There are many issues that interest us and affect us in a society and at a time as complex as the one we are living.

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Collaborate with Gud Topics

To do so, all you have to do is fill in this form indicating the subject you would like to discuss and we will contact you.


We are all inspirators

It is our firm belief that we are all inspirators.We all have a story to tell and a look to share. Not only the great communicators with extraordinary lives have something to say, we have the right and almost the obligation to contribute our life experience because perhaps your testimony can transform someone else and help them to understand.

We question that only the enlightened, transcended human being can be considered a our life. we are surrounded by great anonymous, simple, unnoticed masters who go unnoticed but who, with a conversation, a gesture, a look or an action may have changed our lives.

It is true that, in order to gather the teachings of these masters, and also of the enlightened ones, we must be attentive, awake, ready to be amazed and ready to receive.

In our section of Get inspired and by the hand of people like you we want to make room for and transfer the viewpoint of those who feel they have something to contribute.

Opening a space for different views offers the opportunity to embrace the richness of human beings and their different ways of seeing the world.

What do we want from you?

We would love to count on your collaboration and that you will provide us with your view on aspects related to the human being.. There are many issues that interest us and affect us in a society and in a time as complex as the one we are living. We propose some of them, but you can talk about whatever you feel you want and/or can contribute.

What interests us most about the content is your view, your experience and your learning about it. We know that everything is in the books and there are great works that inspire us, but the most important thing in Gud is what you have to tell us and share, because that is precisely what makes you unique and special.


How to do it and in how much time...

The way to do it is simple, choose a theme related to the Gud universe (human beings, communication, human relationships, technology...) about which you feel you have something to share and put it in written, audio or video format. We propose some Gud themes to serve as a guide, you can consult them here.

It doesn't have to be a complex or transcendent subject, choose from intuition and enjoyment, talk about something that pulsates inside you. Something that has happened to you, that you have lived, a reflection that has arisen when you have seen, heard or felt something... the only thing that is really important is that it is authentic, that it has something of you, of your essence, of who you really are because it is at this point where the value of our content lies.

These contents you will be able to develop them like a content of text (article), or further enrich it with a audio (podcast) and/or video. It's up to you.

Once you have chosen the topic and the way to present it, we propose you an indicative deadline of two weeks, 15 days to submit your materialYou can access us with any inquiry that you may have in the process by consulting the support or by writing to us at mail: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If for any reason you are unable to submit it within this period, please let us know as soon as possible in order to adjust the dates and internal organization.

#EwriteInspire Yourself

If you choose to write

If you prefer to write, try not to exceed three pagesThis will also help you to be more concrete and highlight the most important aspects. We give you more recommendations on how to do it in this link.

Here's a example!

#VideoInspire yourself

If you prefer audiovisual

If you also dare to make a video, we offer you some guides and keys to be able to do it in a simple way and with a nice result. If you want to consult it click here.

If you have made a video, from this same file we can extract the audio to offer it also as a podcast.We will only need you to send it in .mp4 format.




When you send it to us...

Everything you send us will be proofread and formatted by our team to maintain the same format and design, so it is possible that, on occasion, the structure of the same is modified a little. If this is the case, before publication we will send you the content, so that you give us the ok and we can publish it.

The work does not need to be unpublished, although it does need to be you must be the intellectual ownerand with the sending of the same and the ok to the communication, you authorize us to publish it in our channels.

You can also send us a short biography of about 50 wordsIn this section you can tell us about yourself, you choose from which facet you want to present yourself (something more professional or something more personal, or a mix of both). If you prefer to keep your anonymity you can choose the alias you consider appropriate.

We want to offer you our Gud showcase so that you can make yourself known to our guders. You will have the option to include a link to your professional page or social networking siteas long as you are interested in it and it seems appropriate.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your collaboration andabove all, your interest in projects like this. Only together we will achieve this redirection of the world to a better place. In the same way we are open to new forms of collaboration, so if you have an idea or suggestion, we will be happy to hear about it and value it.

If it resonates with you, interests you or you want to know more, contact us through:

Thank you very much and have a happy day!

As it says Gustavo Bertolottoa wise friend, TODAY IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY!