Gud Match

A social Network less social
and more Human

Dare to talk about what you really want to talk about, what you are interested in or need at any given moment.

Gud Match is an app to find people to chat and share in a different way.

Sign up now for our Beta and start a unique experience!

Gud Match

A social Network less social
and more Human

Sign up now for our Beta and start a unique experience!

Dare to talk about what you really want to talk about, what you are interested in or need at any given moment.

Gud Match is an app to find people to chat and share in a different way.

In Gud we look for a Human Match

At Gud Match we are less about flirting and more about finding each other..

We are more than nice pictures and cool avatars where only what we look like is important and not what we are.

We want to get know each other without pretensions or concrete expectations , and that´s why we connect anonymously without letting ourselves be carried away by prejudices or preconceived ideas.

Set up your Match

Select your preferences: communication channel (chat, call or videocall); language, age range and even what you want to talk about.

Remember that is a prefernce if there is no coincidence, always the communication channel with the lowest exposure will predominate. to keep guder´s privacity.

Ask yourself what exposure level it changes if you choose to contact by chat or call. 

The proximity we feel when we hear a voice or even when we can look into the other person's eyes is also different. 

Therefore, stop and ask yourself what you need or want at any given moment and take care of yourself.

You will also choose what you want to talk about: something personal, family, about the relationship couple...and connect with someone who is looking to talk about something similar.

Remember that The more specific you are with your preferences, it is possible he match will be on deferred because we need more time to find the guder you are looking for. 

We invite you to set up your Favorite Match with the most common preferences to make your Matches even faster and easier.

20 minutes to talk

You will have until 20 minutes to know someone anonymously and share whatever you need or feel like at any given moment. 

Agree on the time you have available from the begining and divide it equally so that you both have your space.

It is a reasonable amount of time to keep our attention and connect with the other person. Not too much, not too little.

Share the time equally so that both of you have your space.

You can talk about anything and everything,let off steam about how your day has gone, share a doubt you have, laugh about something that has happened to you, cry about a bad moment, celebrate good news... or simply comment on a film or the latest football match...

When it is your turn to speak, be clear, direct and sincere,you will help the other person to do the same.

When it is your turn to listen, practice active listening and accompany the other person in what they tell you.

Respect the silences, ask questions with curiosity and respect, don't judge, don't interrupt and open your mind to the other person's point of view. You will be surprised.

In this first meeting you will be completely anonymous and you will not be able to exchange images, but you will be able to exchange emoticons.

Enjoy the moment and the opportunity to peek into someone else's world.

Value the experience

At the end of each match you can evaluate the match and choose between

Request contact from the other Guder.

Leave it in the hands of the Gud Universe to meet again.

Block the guder to avoid contacting you again.

Report them for misuse,helping us all to maintain a respectful, tolerant and safe Gud space.

Value the shared time and what you want to do with that guder.

It is important that we can maintain a healthy and respectful Gud Match community.

We will not always connect with like-minded people and this is something that should enrich us and help us to be able to listen to those who are or think differently.

No matter how, but if you feel disrespect, aggression in any form, manipulation or any misuse of the app is something else. In that case don't hesitate to report it for helping us to take care and maintain the Gud we all want.

And remember, Gud Match:

  • It is not an app for flirtring
  • It is not an app for psychological therapy
  • It is not an app to ask for things.
  • And it is also not an app for giving or receiving advice, you don't have to save anyone, no tienes que salvar a nadie

Gud Match is an application to accompany us with affection, curiosity and generosity and, in this way, we will be helping each other to relate to each other from this new place.

A space where we can show each other how we are.


Choose what to talk about

Because it's great to be able to talk to someone who is going through the same things as you Gud Match lets you choose what you want to talk about in each match...

Whether it's about family, friends or your´s your choice.

We recommend you to opt for the delayed match to increase the chances of a match and to have more time to share and get know the other guder.


How Delayed Match works

If at the time of your match there is no guder available according to the preferences you have selected, you can switch to Delayed Match.

When you do it, our application will search for the person who best matches your preferences and will let you know when it finds him or her. You will then have 24 hours to get to know each other and chat. After this time you will be able to evaluate your meeting and decide what to do, just like when you finish a match.

Developed with people in mind

At Gud Match we propose a new way of understanding and using technology in which we prioritise respect and functionality at the service of the human being. Not everything goes.

No advertising

In Gud Match you are not the product. A clean space, without intrusive or annoying advertising.

Flexible and Simple

A simple and intuitive application designed for everyone offering clean and clear navigation.

Pioneer in attentive listening

We offer keys and guides for learning and improving our communication skills.

Strong social component

We contribute 10% of the profits to social work aligned with our mission.

Surprising functionalities

We are developing original and unique functionalities that we will be incorporating in the different versions.

Secure and Private

Tailored to your privacy needs. You decide what level you need at any given moment.

Verified profiles

Only Gud people on Gud Match. Profiles will be verified to prevent bots from entering.

We minimize the Digital footprint

Your privacy first. If you decide to unsubscribe we will remove your digital trail in Gud Match.

For all of us who are looking for authentic and sincere relationships and genuine encounters to share and learn.

For those of us who like to talk, for those of us who like to listen, for those of us who find it difficult to communicate, for those of us who like to know, for those of us who love to chat, for those of us who feel alone, for those of us who want to learn, for those of us who want to grow, for those of us who want to be seen and to see the other...

Any time of the day can be GUD.

No matter the day or the hour, when the need to talk, share or listen comes up, there will always be someone who is willing to share time with you.

The world is very big and it offers us this opportunity, we cannot miss it.

With respect, tolerance, openness and authenticity.

In Get Inspired you will be given tips, clues, reflections, stories, to help you manage almost any situation that may arise, so that you can learn from the experience whatever happens.

Everything that happens in Gud Match can be useful and valuable,even those encounters that don't match your expectations.

Sometimes life doesn't bring us what we want, but what we need, to keep learning and growing

For chatting ,for expressing yourself,for sharingfor accompanying,for listening to,for letting off steamfor laughing,for cryingfor surprising yourself,for learning,for discovering,for opening your mind,for generating new resources and tools ... everything can happen when we open up to talk to each other without prejudice or pretensions.

To meet new people, to save new friends, or simply to experience unique and special encounters ... you decide!

Gud Match offers us a space where we can do all this and much more, because the human being is incredible and here you will find a space where you can develop your full potential.

All the answers are in us and many times we need each other's reflection in order to see them.

It is not is not a dating network or for sex-affective contacts.

It is not It is not a network of advice or for therapy.It is not intended to be used by guders to ask for or give advice of any kind.

It is not It is not a platform for demands (money, food, donations, transactions...)

It is not It is not a platform for pictures, videos and various entertainment contents.


Let's be the change we want to see in the world

If you too believe that a better world is possible, download Gud Match and be part of that change.


The presence and warmth of a listening ear can change the world.